The purpose of our Life Groups is to:

1) Have a closer relationship with God

2) Get to know our neighbors in fellowship.

3) Reach out to others in our communities.

We meet on Tuesdays

We meet on Tuesday nights in 18 locations through out the Tri-Cities, 

mostly in Pasco and Kennewick,Wa.

Please call me for a location near you.

Pastor Saul Robledo 509-845-3061

Life Group life style

Life groups are a place of fellowship in Christ, a place where we come together to Worship and study the Word of God and share our understanding of the scriptures in a HOME SETTING.

Where we can encourage each other and grow deeper in our walk with God. 

Feel free to bring a friend with you. 

Breaking Bread Together

Every Life Group celebrates their fellowship with breaking of bread.

Their will always be something to eat. From bread to an occasional meal.

So if you didn't get a chance to eat before the meeting. There will always be

something to snack  on at the meeting.

Sharing The Greatest News

Sharing the Good New of the Gospel of Christ is the main goal of our life groups.

Our main goal is to lead others to Christ.


If you have any questions with respect to our Life Groups or New Life Church, please feel free to contact me.

Pastor Saul Robledo 509-845-3061